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Single Session Therapy 

Is Single Session Therapy for you? 

Have you been thinking about going to counseling but do not think you need long-term therapy? Maybe you thought, "my issue is temporary, so I just want to talk to a professional once, vent, and get feedback". Then Single Session Therapy is just for you!

Single Session Therapy is based on Solution Focused Therapy; venting, feedback, goal orientation, building self-esteem, building confidence, and other short-term topics. Please be advised that other topics such as depression, anxiety, grief, OCD, PTSD, and other serious mental health disorders or illnesses cannot be treated with only one session. 


Single Session Therapy is:

  • for those that just want to vent, get something off their chest, get feedback on a certain situation, and feel they do not need long-term counseling. 

  • for adults only because most adults can process problem solving faster than teenagers. 

  • conducted with paperwork and payment processed before the session takes place. This way, we are prepared to address your needs and have more time to work on the issue.

  • paid out-of-pocket only.  Being that this type of therapy only allows for one session, it is not feasible to use medical insurance. Major credit cards accepted.


FREE CONSULTATIONS are available in order to assess your Single Session Therapy needs.



Claudia Abalo, LMHC


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